Q: Can The Shroom Trees help my energy levels?

A: Cordyceps and Chaga, available from The Shroom Trees, are excellent options to naturally support energy levels without experiencing crashes.

Q: Can The Shroom Trees help my focus?

A: The Shroom Trees offers Lion's Mane, which has been shown to promote focus, memory, and mental clarity. It also has the potential to aid in the repair and regeneration of new brain cells.

Q: Can The Shroom Trees help my skin?

A: The Shroom Trees provides Chaga, also known as the King of Mushrooms, which contains the highest source of antioxidants in nature (45 times stronger than açai berries). Chaga works wonders for your skin. Additionally, Tremella, another product available, has been used for centuries to boost hyaluronic acid and collagen production, combat fine lines and wrinkles, and provide deep hydration for a beautiful youthful glow.

Q: Do you ship globally?

A: Yes, The Shroom Trees offers global shipping.

Q: Can I have my parcel redirected to a different address?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to change the delivery address once the order is placed since we pick, pack, and ship your order promptly. However, if you are not available for delivery, our carrier will leave a card or send you an email notification with instructions on arranging a redelivery or picking up your parcel. Alternative delivery options, such as delivery to a neighbor, delivery to a safe place, or collection from a specified location, may be available depending on the delivery partner. You can check and arrange for these options using the link provided in the delivery update email from our delivery partner or by using the tracking number on the delivery partner's website or app.